2023 Impact Scholarship Winner

Sponsored by the Sunset Chapter of American Business Women’s Association


Congratulations to Paola Piascik

Within the realm of medicine, my aspiration is to effect substantive change through fostering meaningful connections, attentive listening, and the elevation of self-assurance. I hold a deep reverence for the pursuit of knowledge and the cultivation of emotional acumen. My ultimate objective is to attain a medical degree from Florida State University College of Medicine, with a particular inclination toward specializing in Internal Medicine, with a focal point on cardiology and endocrinology.



The American Business Women’s Association is a strong association with chapters and Express Networks nationwide, providing business skills training and networking opportunities for women of diverse occupations to enhance career advancement and personal development.  ABWA has dedicated more than half a century to women’s education and provided workplace skills and career development training. We continue to provide much-needed scholarships to women in our community to help them achieve a better education than would otherwise be available to them.  

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The SBMEF, ABWA’s national educational fund, is one of the most highly respected grants and scholarship funds in the country. For over 60 years, ABWA has helped women achieve their business and professional success through educational scholarships.  Since its inception, more than 17,000 women nationwide have been awarded more than 17 million dollars in scholarships. The fund is listed in the U.S. Internal Revenue Service “Cumulative List of Organizations” described in Section 170(c) of the IRS code of 1954 – revised Oct. 31, 1974. Please visit SBMEF.org for more information.